Camellia Varieties

The camellia varieties, where the aesthetics and beauty of wooden products are reflected in the best way, is used for very different products. As Camellia is suitable for long life use, it is preferred in garden products or home products. It is possible to be colored with different dyes. Small objects for decoration purposes for your home can also be in camelage. The most appropriate goods are delivered to you by our company.

camellia varieties

Camellia, Gazebo and Umbrella

There are many products where Camellia is preferred as material. Especially the gardens have different processing details, color options can be the items you can see in your garden. Camelia preference will be the most choice for both beautifying and functional decorating your garden.

  • Gazebo: With the use of camellia as the main material, you will see that the gazettes are made. Coffee tones or white tones are the most preferred models in gardens. If you declare the dimensions, the appropriate boxes are created for you. You can choose the most comfortable gazebo for a pleasant time in your garden.
  • Umbrella: Umbrellas are also used to create shade in gardens. Camellia varieties can be made in different designs by using as the main ingredient. If you have a design you want, an umbrella will be produced in accordance with it.
camelya varieties

Camellia, Bank and Chair

Among the most preferred products in garden decoration are Bank and chairs. When you want to get fresh air to relax, you will definitely need a bench and chair in your garden. The banks are usually made of wood. In addition to offering long-lasting use, aesthetics is preferred for design purposes. With different processing details, you can use the comfortable designed banches in your garden. The same applies to the chairs. It is an advantage that the material used to provide the aesthetics of tables and chairs has camellia varieties suitable for processing.