Fitness Equipments

The sport, which is essential for your health, brings you energy and happiness with the right use of fitness equipments. Once you get used to it, it is normal to get into the routine of the sport when you can’t stop doing it on a regular basis. With the accompaniment of the instructors who are experts in their field, you can say hello to having a healthy life with a large number of sports equipment in our salon.

How to Use Fitness Equipment ?

There are many sports equipment in our hall. You should be aware that all sports equipment runs different areas on your body. In accordance with the program for you, you must complete the desired level of movement under the supervision of the instructors.

The following is a description of how to use fitness equipment and their use;

  • Abdominal Muscle Stand: The abdomen is a downward slope for you to do the exercises. There is a roller on top for you to wear your feet.
    In this way, the sliding is prevented during the movement.
  • Branch – Exit Bars: It can be described as a set of parallel bars. You can use this tool to work the shoulder, back arm and chest.
  • Leg Traction Tool: Crouching is known to be the best leg exercise. This device allows you to do exactly that squatting action. You can do a lot more than squatting, since there is less strain on the lower back and knees.
  • Leg Extension Machine: Motion is preferred for the development of quadriceps muscles. It is advantageous to work with this tool to warm up the knee joints before moving to leg press or squat movements.
fitness tools

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Equipment

We know how useful fitness is for you body health. To mention the benefits through fitness; First, you should know that muscle strength increases. Fitness is important to have a good view of your body. Balance, flexibility, bone strength and intensity increase with the exercises you do. The use of fitness equipment to reduce the likelihood of diseases such as arthritis is reduced with regular sports.